Thursday, April 14, 2011

Is it Hard to get into University of Washington -Seattle?

Is it Hard to get into University of Washington -Seattle?
University of Washington is one of my top schools, I was wondering if anyone had an opinion on what my chances are: Right now I've got: -3.4 GPA -27 ACT Composite, 33 English, 28 Math, 24 Reading, 22 Science, 30 Writing -1730 GPA -Eagle Scout -Lots of community service through scouting -Sports -AP and IB courses, although not on Diploma Does this give me a chance?
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I dont know..... Thats my top school too, and we are about the same and i'm pretty worried about getting in. I have 3.33 gpa 29 ACT, 1910 SAT leadership postion at my job lots of community service AP classes. My counselor told me its a possible to reach. she showed a me a scattergram of the people at my school who had gotten in and most had around a 3.7