Saturday, June 18, 2011

Is Seattle, Washington a good place to raise a family?

Is Seattle, Washington a good place to raise a family?
My wife and I are thinking about looking into moving there... What is your opinion? And what is the best area around/in Seattle in which to live? How are schools, public and private? Thanks
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It's lovely but rains 335 days a year.
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Seattle, and the surrounding area is a great place to raise children. I do want to say however, that it's an expensive area to live. Housing is still pretty expensive, traffic is horrible, and yes, it rains there, but not NEARLY as much as people say! There are many wonderful Private and Public schools, and many cultural places to visit. I wouldn't hesitate to make a move to Washington if I could afford it! Good Luck
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It's a very expensive city to live, You better have a really good job that makes like $100,000 a year or more if you want to live a decent life. And it does rain a lot. Jan, Feb and March are the 3 mos of darkness, it is cloudy everyday except for maybe 3 or four partly cloudy days a month. It can make you depressed.
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im still in the growing up stage but seattle dose rain alot. but not as much as people say. but when we have thunder and lightning storms... they are cool to watch.
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I think Seattle is a great place to raise the family. There are pockets within Seattle that are perfect for families but also some good suburbs right outside of Seattle. Good neighborhoods within Seattle are Ballard, Queen Anne, Magnolia if you can afford it. Also Wedgewood and Laurelhurst, Crown Hill - all nice areas. Areas with good family pockets are also Edmonds, Shoreline and some parts of Northgate. Seattle public schools are interesting. They are constantly having budgtet crisis. There are some amazing schools and some that are really poor - equity doesn't really exist here. You go from Queen Anne public school which raises thousands of dollars in hours compared to some in Central district which struggles to raise a thousand. Sad really. Private schools are accessible and expensive. There are a variety tochose from of course but some of the elementary /high schools that have good reputations are Lakeside - if your kid is smart enough, Seattle country day - if your kid is smart enough and you have enough money, various Catholic schools with excellent reps. Holy Names for Girls and O'Dea for Boys. bishop Blanchet is both genders.
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Yes very safe but extremely expensive!!!!!!!!!